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Lox Agency Research Proposal

It is widely agreed that research is important in our daily life and it is also
considered as a vital key element in improving the quality of a field or study. It
is also well-known that the main reason behind improving and developing
research field is supporting researchers financially and logically, as seen in the
developed countries throughout the world. Researches have a great impact on
the quality of citizen’s life and the economic situation as well. Unfortunately,
this culture is not familiar in our area not only in Kurdistan but also in the
entire of Mideast countries.
Lox Agency Company as a first private company in Kurdistan tries to transfer
this culture from the urban countries to Kurdistan and also to support Kurdish
academic society. The company’s strategy is using research as a mean to
understand various issues, increase public awareness, building knowledge,
improving economic situation, and facilitating learning. On the same line it can
also enhance the company vision towered future perspectives and opens a big
opportunity in front of its developing process.
The company will fund, preferably, research related to its objectives for
example the safety of food, quality control, food protection, technological
development, nanotechnology and nanoscience application, etc. Requirements
for the eligibility of this fund would include: A complete proposal which
includes a researchable question, hypothesis, significance of research, detailed
procedures, and expected outcome. A scientific committee will decide the
winner, and then there will be a deal between the company and researchers.
The amount of fund will depend on the quality of the proposal and it is
determined by the scientific committee of the company.

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