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Lox Agency Research Proposal Form

It is widely agreed that research is important in our daily life and it is also
considered as a vital key element to improve the quality of a field or study. Lox
Agency’s strategy is using research as a mean to understand various issues,
increase public awareness, and build knowledge and facilitating learning. These
can involve in providing better quality to analyze and interpreting the quality
control data which are obtained in our labs. On the same line it can also
enhance the company vision towered future perspectives and opens a big
opportunity in front of the developing process of the company.
As a first step the company is depending on its academic staff efficiency for
achieving its goals. Therefore, we are kindly asking our scientific members to
prepare a research proposal and send it to Dr Omed Qadir by the end of this
month. For this moments the company prefers chemistry, biology, physics and
management fields as main fields in its research strategy plan.

Lox Agency Research Proposal Form Form